People buying pet meds for skunks?

Monday, 11th April 2011

An increasing number of people may have to buy pet meds for their skunks, as these animals are becoming a popular alternative to cats and dogs.

According to the Daily Mail, breeders believe there are now around 2,000 skunks being kept as domestic pets across the UK - and that demand is on the up.

Katie Sleightholme has a skunk named Busby, who she paid £375 for.

She told the news provider: "Most nights he will crawl up and sleep on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck.

"He's incredibly affectionate and sociable. He follows the kids around when they are playing and even sleeps with the two dogs."

She added that Busby is fed a diet of chicken, fruit and vegetables, but that he digs into dog food if he has the chance.

People in the UK have been able to keep domesticated skunks since 2006 but, as part of the Animal Welfare Act, it is illegal to remove their scent glands.