Passive smoking harmful to animals

Wednesday, 4th April 2012

In order to reduce the risk of an animal needing pet medication, owners should make sure they smoke outside, as passive smoke can harm pets.

That is according to Dr Pete Wedderburn, who explained some of the risks that are posed if people smoke around their pets.

He said; "One recent study showed there was an increased threat of malignant lymphoma if cats are exposed to any environmental smoke.

"They've also seen that there's a cancer of the mouth threat from environmental tobacco smoke, partly because when cats groom themselves they [may] have environmental smoke particles on their fur."

The vet said that he would advise people who do smoke to go outside to light up, and be aware that if you are in a smoky room, then so is your pet and they will be picking up carcinogens on their fur.

According to the PDSA, dogs and cats living with smokers are twice as likely to develop certain kinds of cancer than pets in non-smoking households.