Owners 'often overlook pet insurance'

Tuesday, 28th August 2012

It is very important people have plans in place for the event of their pet getting ill but unfortunately this is something some owners overlook.

A spokeswoman for the Pet Experience, a pet behavioural service, explained that people should consider pet insurance as this means they will be able to afford vet fees should their animal become sick.

However, she also offered another alternative. "If the insurance is expensive then you can always set up your own 'pet' account which is what I have done as I have a lot of pets - so instead of paying an insurance company you pay money into a savings account every month as a contingency against unexpected pet bills," she said.

The spokeswoman also spoke about what owners should do if they are struggling to cope with their pet's behaviour.

She said a good pet behaviourist will be able to offer advice over the phone, and that when people try to resolve the problem on their own, often they end up making the situation worse.