Neutering can help pets live longer

Wednesday, 27th February 2013

There are many reasons for having your pet spayed or neutered, although if you still need convincing then you may be interested to hear that giving your animal the snip could actually result in better health and an increased life expectancy.

According to Dr Donna Alexander, director of Cook County Animal and Rabies Control in Chicago, the "overall health of the animal is improved" by having them neutered, Medill Reports claims.

Not only can this help to protect them against certain types of cancers, but neutered animals are also less likely to 'roam', meaning their risk of getting hit by cars is also significantly reduced. Dr Alexander insists this can extend a pet's life by three to five years.

While these health benefits are all compelling arguments for having pets neutered, owners should also be aware of the social and financial implications. Stray cats and dogs place a huge strain on animal charities and shelters, which is why it's important to take action to prevent unwanted litters.