Man jailed for beating his pet dog

Friday, 23rd September 2011

A drunk man has been jailed for beating up his pet dog, leading the dog to need pet medication in a critical condition.

Alex Downes caused significant damage to his Boxer dog Bronson because it had made a mess on the floor of his house in August, reports

Mr Downs was jailed for 12 weeks, a sentence that would have been 16 weeks had he not pleaded guilty to the charge.

According to the news provider, prosecutor Zoe Speake told North Staffordshire Magistrates Court: "When Downes answered the door a malnourished dog staggered out from behind him panting. It had a number of injuries and the defendant had blood on one of his trainers."

As well as the jail sentence, Mr Downes has also been banned from keeping animals for life.

He is also not allowed to have any control over an animal or any part in its upbringing and he cannot appeal the ban for ten years.

During the attack, Bronson suffered a fractured jaw, trauma to both eyes and his head.