Lucky dog saved after getting shard of glass lodged in his neck

Tuesday, 22nd May 2012

A playful dog was lucky to be alive after getting a five-inch piece of glass lodged in his neck.

Ray Bond, from Coventry, came home to find his dog Teves in the living room, covered in blood and lying motionless.

Teves, who loves to chase things and has even been known to go after a bus, had run into a greenhouse.

He was taken to the PDSA's Coventry hospital where he was given emergency surgery to remove the piece of glass.

Nikki Jagait, a nurse who treated Teves, said that if the shard had been just a few millimetres either way, he could have died.

Mr Bond said: "Everyone was very shaken up by the incident, but Teves was soon bouncing around again as if nothing had happened.

"We discovered lots of broken glass around the greenhouse which shows how hard he must have hit it. We keep a very close eye on him now and since the accident."

He added that Teves is not left alone in the garden anymore and that he wanted to highlight the dangers that could be present in other pet owner's own homes and gardens.