Leicester cat 'shot by thugs'

Thursday, 17th November 2011

Pet meds and treatment were unable to save a cat that had been shot by "thugs" and the animal passed away in its owner’s arms.

Peter Hibbert said he could not understand why anyone would want to shoot a cat, reports thisisleicestershire.co.uk.

He found four-year-old Tabitha hiding under a bench crying in pain. He took her to the vet where he was told she had been shot by a pellet gun.

The vet did not remove the pellet as "cats often adjusted to life if they are not removed", they told Mr Hibbert.

"I took her home and she seemed to be getting a bit better," he told the news provider.

"When I checked on her on Saturday she had been sick. I took her in my arms and she made another terrible noise just before she died."

According to cambstimes.co.uk, one cat had a lucky escape on Halloween after being shot. Owners Gary and Kirsty Wing said their cat Serge used two of its nine lives after he suffered a broken elbow and a broken ball joint in his rear leg.