Knowing canine first aid could save your dog's life

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

A Rhodesian Ridgeback named Axl who has dedicated his life to teaching canine first aid has been nominated for a national award.

The six-year-old is up for the Britain's Best Office Dog prize, after being put forward by one of his students at a Rhodes2 Safety class, which was set up by his owner, Kerry Rhodes.

Ms Rhodes began the classes three years ago and has been touring the country ever since, using Axl as her faithful teaching assistant to demonstrate key life-saving procedures such as how to find a dog's pulse, how to apply a bandage to a wound and how to conduct CPR.

Owners should always be aware of how to treat their pets in case of an injury or illness, and should maintain a well-stocked supply of pet medications for use in case of emergency.

If in doubt over the health of your pet, we suggest consulting with your vet.