Kennel Club to fight canine cancer

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011

The Kennel Club is helping to fund the development of new pet medication for dogs with cancer after providing a £1.5 million interest-free loan to the Animal Health Trust.

This money will be used to build a cancer centre, that will be known as the Kennel Club Cancer Centre. It will be a place to study canine cancers, their causes, diagnosis, treatments and prevention methods.

Steve Dean, Kennel Club chairman, said he was delighted that the Kennel Club members agreed to the loan as it will "prove invaluable" in the fight against canine cancer.

Dr Peter Webbon, chief executive of the Animal Health Trust, said: "Cancer remains one of the biggest threats to the wellbeing of dogs, but we hope that through the new Kennel Club Cancer Centre at the AHT, we will be able to take major strides towards improving the health and welfare of not just dogs but other animals too."

The Animal Health Trust is also investigating the genetic causes of canine cancer, as well as the cause of other inherited diseases.