Keeping dogs warm may reduce the need for pet meds

Thursday, 17th February 2011

Dog owners may be able to reduce the need for pet meds by keeping their old pooch warm during the winter.

According to an article on HeraldNet, people should afford their pets the same luxuries as they themselves indulge in, such as ways of keeping warm when it turns cold out.

It claims that chilly weather aggravates arthritis in dogs just as it does humans, so it is a good idea to keep them warm.

Heating pads, it suggests, may help to make your pooch comfortable.

Dr Tim Cavanagh, a vet from Arlington, US, told the news provider: "Those older Labs and German shepherds who have hip problems and knee problems and general arthritis can really benefit from a pad and being warm like that. For the pure comfort, they are nice to have when it's cold."

He added that hypothermia is a risk for dogs during the cold weather and suggested owners keep a look out for symptoms, including pale gums and slow movements.