Garfield cartoon reveals dangers of not diagnosing cat kidney disease

Thursday, 19th April 2012

Famous tabby cat Garfield has overcome his fear of vets to raise awareness of detecting Cat Kidney Disease as soon as possible so pet medication can be taken.

He took to the internet to educate pet owners about the condition and the importance of taking cats to the vet, which doesn't need to stress them out.

Cat Kidney Disease can affect cats from the age of seven and has symptoms of reduced appetite, increased thirst and urination and weight loss.

Detecting the condition early is important as pet medication can slow down the effects of the disease helping cats lead a good quality of life.

Dr Sarah Caney said: "If you are concerned that your cat may have the symptoms of CKD bring them to the vet - your trip does not need to be a stressful experience.

"Simple measures can be taken to reduce your cat's anxiety and make your trip as pleasant as possible for you and your pet".

The vet's advice includes using a top-opening basket for transportation as these are more practical for taking cats in and out of, and spraying Feliway on the basket to help the cat feel at ease on their journey.