Feliway diffuser may help cat stop using litter tray

Thursday, 29th March 2012

A Feliway diffuser could be used to help reduce a cats stress levels while weaning it off a litter tray, a vet has said.

Joe Inglis, writing for the Metro, said that cats can also be encouraged to go outdoors by replacing the litter in the tray with soil, so it gets used to it.

He was contacted by a reader who recently took in a friend’s house cat that can now go outside. She explained that the cat will spend all out outdoors, but will come inside to use the litter tray.

The vet wrote: "Finding herself in a new environment with a new human companion will undoubtedly have been stressful for your cat. This is almost certainly the main reason she is weeing in the house and hopefully this will improve as she settles in and gets used to her new surroundings."

He added that eventually, she should start putting the litter tray outside and the cat should soon cotton on.

Feliway can be used to relax cats in a number of situations, including helping to introduce them to new cats, transportation, when building work is taking place or when introducing it to a new home.