Epping cat sanctuary honoured with national award

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

An Epping-based cat sanctuary has been honoured with a national award for the work it does caring for unwanted felines.

Chestnut Cat Sanctuary has won the Best Cat Rescue of the Year at the Wetnose Burgess Rescue Awards, reports guardian-series.co.uk.

As part of the award, the sanctuary will receive a £500 donation from Burgess Pet Care.

This money could be used to buy pet medications, as Cathy Bryant, who helps run the centre, revealed that vet's bills get very expensive.

She told the news provider: "The award is quite something, we're all really chuffed … Our centre's a bit different because we never put a healthy animal down.

"I think we've been busier recently, certainly in the last year. People don't realise how expensive it can be taking a cat on, especially when they get hit with vet's bills, so sometimes they just abandon them."

The Chestnut Cat Sanctuary was set up in 2000. since 2003, the centre has been officially appointed as the cat re-homing and rescue centre for the RSPCA South West Essex Branch.