Easier pet passport requirements

Thursday, 30th June 2011

Britain is set to relax the rules on pet passports so that people will find it easier to bring animals into the UK and travel with them to Europe.

Under the new regulations, which are expected to be brought in by Caroline Spelman, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs secretary, pet owners will only need to be vaccinated 21 days before entering the UK, rather than six months ahead.

Ms Spelman said that the changes to the rules on pet medication in the form of vaccines will save 100,000 pet owners £7million in fees from vets.

In addition to the alterations to vaccinations, the new rules mean that animals from EU countries will not have to take a blood test before travelling.

The rules on quarantine for animals entering the UK were changed in 2000 with the introduction of pet passports.

Under the rules, animals from 22 countries across western Europe were able to avoid quarantine thanks to the new documentation.