Dog thought to have brain tumour now 'blissfully happy'

Tuesday, 27th March 2012

A dog with such severe behavioural problems that vets thought he may need pet medication for a brain tumour is now “blissfully happy” with a new family.

Bouncer, a Bulldog-cross, was taken in by the RSPCA after being kept outdoors at all times in a very small garden.

After being taken to kennels, he would repeatedly bang his head against the wall and was aggressive to other dogs. Vets thought he had a brain tumour but tests showed he was healthy.

Bouncer was taken into foster care by Karen Perks and Dave Prewer from Hertforshire. Ms Perks said: "I thought, 'I could never see myself getting attached to this dog'. If I’m honest, there wasn’t too much appealing about him."

However, over a period of time, Bouncer’s behaviour started to change and eventually the duo decided to rehome him for good.

Ms Perks added: "Bouncer is now a blissfully happy, wonky, wobbly, hilarious character and we love every day we have with him. We just can't imagine life without him."