Dalmatians could benefit from low-protein diet

Wednesday, 14th November 2012

The Dalmatian has long held a reputation as a beautiful, noble breed, but would-be owners should be aware that the adult dogs may benefit from a low-protein diet.

This topic was covered by Metro's resident vet Joe Inglis in a recent column, in which a owner questioned whether low-protein dog food could prevent the build-up of urate crystals (usually visible in the urine) that Dalmatians are particularly prone to.

As Mr Inglis explained, Dalmatians possess a 'genetic predisposition to the build-up protein by-products in the urine that can lead to urate crystals developing and potentially serious urinary problems'. 

A low-protein diet is not recommended for growing Dalmatians, as they require a decent amount of protein for development. However, specialist dog food might be useful if urate crystals do arise, the expert said.

Owners should instead monitor their dogs with periodic urine checks. The average age for a Dalmatian to be diagnosed with the problem is four-and-a-half years, and other breeds such as English bulldogs, miniature schnauzers and Yorkshire terriers are also susceptible.