Councillor charged with battering four cats to death

Monday, 28th November 2011

A councillor who killed his four cats in a brutal attack has been charged by police.

Robert Payne is now facing jail after killing his pets by throwing them against the walls of his home, reports the Sun.

Police found the walls of the house covered with blood. They found two cats in Mr Payne’s freezer, one on the stairs and another in a room of the house.

They had been alerted by neighbours who had heard shrieking sounds.

A former friend of the councillor said: "I went inside afterwards. There was so much blood it was like an abattoir.

"The bloodstains - particularly in one of the bedrooms - suggest he'd been dashing them against walls until they died.

"He had moaned about noise at night and said they'd been keeping him awake."

This follows news that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was stabbed 21 times by intruders in Bournemouth. Despite being stabbed in the pancreas and the diaphragm, the dog, Dempsey, survived the ordeal.