Common sense 'should limit indiscriminate horse breeding'

Wednesday, 27th July 2011

In order to avoid the need for pet medication, horse breeders should use their own common sense to stop indiscriminate horse breeding.

Eileen Gillen, a spokeswoman for World Horse Welfare, was asked about the the fact there is no legislation to control how many horses, ponies or donkeys a person can own, and what the impact of this is.

She said: "Common sense must prevail to limit the amount of indiscriminate breeding of what could be deemed as worthless animals, whose future is very guarded and the welfare is at risk in the long -term.

"I personally think that people need to be made aware of the risk and expense they are producing by letting their situation get out of hand."

Ms Gillen added that it is much cheaper to breed a well bred horse or pony that will go on to have a useful life.

World Horse Welfare was set up in 1927 to improve the lives of horses in the UK and abroad.