Cocker Spaniel recovers after being neglected by owner

Monday, 23rd July 2012

An elderly Cocker Spaniel is recovering with the help of pet meds after being neglected by his owner.

Mark Burnett was banned from keeping animals for five years for failing to provide his dog with the medical attention she needed.

The dog, Jenny, was found infested with fleas and had a severe skin condition. She was almost completely blind and had chronic ulcers in both her ear canals.

Lesley Crockett, senior inspector at the Scottish SPCA, said: "Poor Jenny was in a dreadful state when we found her.

"However, after receiving lengthy treatment at our animal rescue and rehoming centre in Inverness, Jenny has made an incredible recovery.

"Unfortunately, she has very little sight now but she is an absolutely great girl, with such a sweet nature."

Ms Crockett added that the staff at the rescue centre have become very attached to Jenny and one of the women who works there will be giving her the new home and love she deserves.