Cat survives stint in tumble dryer

Monday, 2nd April 2012

A cat from Shropshire had a lucky escape and certainly used up one of its nine lives when it got taken for a spin in its owner’s tumble dryer.

Demi had snuggled up in the tumble dryer for a nap when owner Jenny Parker put some towels on to dry. The tumble dryer reached temperatures of 40 degrees.

Forty minutes later she checked to see if they were done only to find her pet cat crying. "I looked inside and pulled her out - she was all curled up tight and looked like a ball of fluff. I ran with her to the vets in my arms."

Demi was treated with pet meds and was put on an oxygen pump to bring down her temperature.

Ms Parker’s daughter, Hannah, said: "If she was in there few more minutes and she wouldn’t have survived."

Since the incident, the family has now thrown the tumble dryer out because Demi was so scared to go near it.