Cat gets bionic legs after falling from 4th floor

Monday, 5th December 2011

A cat needed pet medication and surgery after falling from a fourth floor window and was only given a ten per cent chance of survival.

However, three months on, the cat - named Sebastian - is able to jump higher than he could before thanks to the metal supports fitted to his legs.

Owners Patisoon Harrigan and Katrin Toots returned home to find Sebastian missing and the window open. They searched but the cat had been picked up by the RSPCA.

They were contacted from Sebastian's microchip and the animal is now recovering well.

Mr Harrigan said: "I still can't believe he's got through it. He jumps a little bit higher now since the metal was put in him. He's become a bit bionic.

"He won't be going through airports any time soon."

Vet Mark Barton said the couple’s dedication to their cat helped with its survival. He said: "They fed him through a tube at home, they were incredibly caring. It was hard work."