Britain's oldest dog dies at 24

Wednesday, 13th July 2011

With the help of pet medication, the oldest dog in Britain managed to live to the grand old age of 24, which is 160 in dog years.

Terrier-cross Luby-Lou sadly passed away on Monday (July 11th) after getting ill over the weekend, reports

Jinty Jackson, her owner, took the decision to have Luby-Lou put down because she did not want her to suffer.

During her long life, the old pooch became a bit of a celebrity, appearing on the popular TV programme The Paul O'Grady Show.

Ms Jackson said: "She was such a good pet and was loved by everyone.
"She was a little celebrity in her own right.

"She was totally blind and deaf and had to take lots of tablets every day but she was a little fighter and she kept going right until the very end."

Luby-Lou was taken in by Ms Jackson as a rescue dog when she was about nine months old.