Boston Terrier melts hearts with declarations of love

Friday, 5th April 2013

Actions speak louder than words. So, when your dog bounds over to you and presents you with a wet lick, you just know that is their way of expressing love.

While most owners are content with this, a Boston Terrier named Domino has the unique ability to bark the words 'I love you'.

The stray was rescued by a shelter after being discovered in the city of Texas three weeks ago. Staff members noticed Domino's unusual skill would emerge when visitors walked away from him.

He melted the heart of Donna Bryan who adopted the dog after hearing his professions of love.

Terry Cashion, operations manager at the Pets Fur People shelter, told Mail Online that Boston Terriers are prone to allergies and owners are required to take to the vet for dog medicine and treatment.

"When we get a Boston we try to have them adopted by someone who already has one or is familiar with them," he added.