Allergic dog finds new home

Monday, 26th March 2012

A dog that requires pet medication because of his allergies has found a new owner after being overlooked by many people.

Guiness the dog is allergic to grass and would have a serious skin reaction and trouble breathing if he came into contact with it.

However, he has found an ideal family that live on the south coast, so Guiness can avoid grass and go for long walks on the sand.

Ann Robert, who adopted Guiness with her husband Frank, said: "Guiness is such a clever dog - he is sitting at the kerb on walks, he can give each of his paws and he even says grace with a bark on command for his food. We are so lucky to have him."

Guiness’s skin condition is now under control so he can go out on the grass for a short while but he is taken on lanes and the beach for walks to keep him safe and healthy.