Advice for epileptic pet owners

Monday, 25th February 2013

Unfortunately, epilepsy is not confined only to humans, and can also affect pets of almost any species. Often pet owners will not be aware that their animal has epilepsy when they first adopt them, only to discover the illness when their pet experiences their first seizure.

Watching an animal - or human, for that matter - have a seizure can be a traumatic and scary experience, which is why it's essential to remain composed and well informed of how to respond.

Dr Earl Cornprobst, a vet at the Heritage Animal Hospital in Dundee, says epileptic fits are often brought on when a certain threshold of brain activity is crossed, which is why owners of epileptic pets should take care to prevent their animals from getting too over-excited, the Toledo Blade reports.

If an animal has been diagnosed with the condition then it is essential that owners administer the correct pet medications at regular intervals in order to combat the illness, and also to have a plan in place for when seizures do occur.

"Owners of epileptic dogs should have a family plan of what to do when their pet seizures. That plan would depend on the severity of the situation. One short seizure may not mean a trip to the veterinary emergency clinic," commented Dr Cornprobst.