Abandoned cat left for dead ready for new home

Friday, 27th April 2012

A cat that needed pet medication and vet treatment after being shaved and left for dead has pulled through and is ready to find a new home.

Scully was found close to death by a road. She was hit by a car and had suffered a broken jaw and was bleeding.

Luckily, she was found by a passer-by and taken to the National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex to be cared for.

After two months of treatment, her hair is now growing back and her jaw has healed. Deputy manager Tania Marsh said: "We will never know exactly what happened to Scully but she has obviously had a very traumatic experience and must have suffered a great deal of pain.

"Despite all this she is remarkably friendly, trusting and sweet natured and will make a wonderful pet."

She added that why someone would shave Scully’s fur off and abandon her is a mystery, but that anyone looking to give her or any of the other cats should contact the centre.