You only live twice: Owner reunited with the dog he thought he buried

Monday, 24th December 2012

It’s the time of year when movies about Christmas miracles are all over the TV, but one pet owner is celebrating a real upturn in fortune after his border terrier, Jimmy, turned up alive and well two days after he was supposed to have been buried.

The black and tan dog had been missing for several days when owner Scott Walker received a call about an identical pet that had been run over by the side of a dual carriageway.

Unable to identify the animal, Mr Walker had no choice but to assume it was Jimmy, and gave him a decent burial at a local beauty spot.

But the 36-year-old was astonished – and overjoyed – when the real Jimmy showed up wagging his tail two days later.

It is thought the terrier had survived by eating the remains of a dear carcass, although fortunately for him he will now be enjoying a proper Christmas dinner of high quality dog food.