Want your dog to be socially rounded? Become an alpha owner

Tuesday, 12th February 2013

Many dog owners worry about the social behaviour of their pet when it comes to interacting with other animals in the park, as dogs who constantly become aggressive towards other pets can create bad feelings between owners.

Writing for North Shore News, dog obedience expert Joan Klucher says it all comes down to leadership at home. After all, dogs are natural pack animals and are therefore used to following the lead of an alpha member.

If owners establish themselves as the alpha member of the household, by setting strict yet reasonable rules and enforcing them as appropriate, pets tend to become more assured of their own role as the follower, thereby helping them define their position when it comes to other animals outside of the home as well.

One way for owners to establish themselves as the alpha member is to stick to a disciplined regime when supplying pet food to their animal, rewarding good behaviour with treats although making sure not to spoil any pets.