Vegan dog food 'absurd'

Thursday, 22nd September 2011

The emergence of vegan dog food is "absurd", an expert has said, following news that more and more vegetarians and vegans are choosing to impose their diet on their dogs.

According to, citing an article originally published in Le Temps, many people who do not eat meat are posing on specialised forums sharing recipes for homemade pet food that is vegetarian and websites that sell vegetarian dog food products.

However, Blondine Monnard, president of the Dog Friends Society in Geneva, is quoted as saying: "When you adopt an animal, you also adopt its nature.

"In that case, dogs are meat eaters. Putting them on a vegetarian diet is as absurd as feeding cows with bonemeal."

Julika Fitzi, a vet for the Swills SPCA, added that meat contains essential nutrients for dogs, noting that while a dog could eat vegetables if nothing else is available, it will always go for meat if the choice is there.

According to the Vegan Society, both cats and dogs can be happy and healthy on a diet of vegetarian pet food, but reveals that introducing this diet can be more difficult for cats.