Spa day for Clooney's pampered pooch

Wednesday, 27th June 2012

George Clooney's black cocker spaniel has no doubt developed a taste for the finer things in life since his adoption – from premium dog food to the best pet toys.

But even this pet pooch may not have been expecting the five star treatment with a full doggy spa day.

Einstein is with Clooney as he enjoys the summer at his Italian villa and reportedly enjoyed the doggy spa at Comodog, with the full pampering treatment – bath, massage and trim.

But it hasn't always been so comfortable for the spaniel, who was an unloved rescue dog in need of a new home before an animal charity stepped in to rescue him.

Earlier this year, the star of the Oceans trilogy told People Pets how he had adopted the Einstein, who was then overweight and suffering from a thyroid problem.

Einstein's plight was first documented in a video by the rescue group Camp Cocker, who rescued him from a 'high kill' shelter, where animals are euthanised if they can't be rehomed in a certain amount of time or if the shelter's population gets too big.

His transformation to a healthy, happy dog was attributed to regular exercise and high-quality pet food, as well as the care of the Camp Cocker volunteers.