Smelly pets breaking up couples

Monday, 31st December 2012

Just over five per cent of dog owners blame their smelly pet for damaging their relationship with their friends or partner, a new survey has revealed.

The poll, which was conducted by Byotrol and obtained by the Daily Telegraph, found that 110 out of 2,000 dog owners had an argument over the smell of their pooch which led to them leaving a loved one.

The worst bad odour was found to come from animals who had rolled in mess outdoors, while other offensive smells were wet dog, flatulence and musty ears.

As well as breaking up relationships, smelly dogs are also ruining friendships with more than half revealing that they had not been invited to other people's houses over concerns that they would bring their dog.

According to the poll, friends and relatives not only disapproved of the smell of dog food coming from the pooch but also the stray hairs on their sofas and carpets.

Experts from have advice for those with hair-covered furniture, with owners urged to 'stroke the area [covered in hair] hard with a rubber-gloved hand to dislodge the hairs so you can hoover them away'.