Schoolboy asks party guests to donate dog food

Friday, 1st July 2011

A six-year-old schoolboy has sacrificed his birthday presents to provide cat and dog food for animals in need of nourishment at a rescue centre, reports.

Logan Brown asked friends who came to his birthday party to give donations of pet food to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, rather than give gifts to him.

Theresa Brown, Logan's mother, said: "He's got more toys than probably anybody and he doesn't play with half of them. We figured he'll help the less fortunate because they need help feeding these dogs and cats. He decided that's what he would do."

Ms Brown explained that she wanted to teach her son the importance of giving and helping others.

Peggy Hoffman, Jackson County shelter manager, stressed that people who are thinking of adopting an animal from the shelter need to understand that it is a "life-long commitment".

The shelter had donated dogs to the US Customs office, which have been subsequently trained as narcotic dogs.