Schnauzer saves Redruth mayor's life

Monday, 31st October 2011

The mayor of Redruth's Schnauzer, Monty, may well be getting dog food treats after saving his owner's life.

Ian Thomas was struck by lightning on October 17 when he went to feed his animals. He was carrying a metal bowl and was flung in the air then went unconscious.

He said: "I use Monty quite often as a prop or walking stick when I am out of breath. I say to him, 'Help me, help me' and he comes to heel.

"This was a case of, 'Help me, help me' and there he was, God bless him."

Mr Thomas explained that he reached out and grabbed him and used the animal to help him drag himself back to his house.

Doctors did not know what had happened to him initially but an MRI scan showed that he had been struck by lightning. They said if he hadn’t been wearing wellington boots, he may well have died.