Poodle survives quick flight with an Eagle

Wednesday, 18th May 2011

One lucky poodle will be able to enjoy her dog food tonight, after surviving a rather terrifying run-in with an eagle.

The stray animal, named May by animal protection staff in British Columbia, Canada, suffered a fall after being snatched and swooped into the air by the bird of pray.

But after the eagle found the dog was too heavy to carry it dropped her back down to earth.

May suffered broken ribs and talon marks, but may actually benefit from the ordeal in the long run, as the incident saved her from a life as a stray.

Lorie Chortyk, who works at the rescue centre, explained: "Ironically, if it hadn't been for this we might never have found her.

"She's been a stray. There's been severe neglect, and who knows how long she's been out there. We estimate she's six years old but her nails were growing into her pads and her teeth are badly decayed."

The news comes just a day after reports of a dog who survived a 200ft fall off the side of a cliff in North Yorkshire.