Pomeranian almost snatched by bird of prey

Friday, 27th April 2012

Dog owners in Berkshire may want to think about keeping smaller breeds on their dog collar and leads after a Red Kite tried to snatch a Pomeranian.

Kate Hillman, 32, was walking Vinnie in some fields near her home when the bird of prey tried to take her pet two days in a row.

The model said that she saw the bird’s shadow looming over and felt that something was not right.

Ms Hillman told the Daily Telegraph: "Vinnie was sniffing about in the grass a few yards from me wqhen it swooped down and tried to snatch him and fly off with him.

"It was about to sink its talons into Vinnie when I ran forward, shouting and waving my arms and stamping on the ground to frighten it off."

She went on to explain that she picked up her dog and ran to her parked car but the Red Kite continued to try to pinch Vinnie from her arms.

Tom Waters, a RSPB spokesman, said that it was unusual for Red Kites to attack dogs but said they are opportunistic and can take small mammals.