Paparazzi accused of hounding celebrity dogs

Wednesday, 27th March 2013

The life of a celebrity dog contains many perks, with famous owners often splashing out on glamorous accessories and top quality pet food for their furry friends, although the lack of privacy that comes with being in the limelight can sometimes be a real drag.

Hollywood superstar Eva Mendes has recently spoken out over the behaviour of some members of the paparazzi who she says have been harassing her pet Belgian Malinois, Hugo.

Speaking to New York magazine, the famous actress said some photographers had been doggedly pursuing her and her pet, and is now demanding that Hugo's face be blurred in all photographs.

Mendes is also said to be concerned for the privacy of another celebrity dog named George, who is owned by the star's boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

Whether you are famous or not, it's important to remember that animals are not always comfortable being exposed to large groups of strangers, which is why owners should always do their best to respect their pets' privacy and give them the space and protection they need.