Owners must be 'very careful' when bringing a puppy to another dog's house

Monday, 2nd April 2012

When taking a puppy into another dog's house, it is best to do it in the garden and not indoors, an expert has said.

Stan Rawlinson, dog behaviourist and obedience trainer at Doglistener.co.uk, explained that you must be very careful when taking a puppy into another dog's domain.

He explained that he would never introduce them inside because that is the dog who lives there's territory.

"What you're trying to do is get somewhere which the older dog does not perceive as theirs. So if it's a neighbour's garden - the dog can then go and find the puppy in there and because it's found it, it can go home with it - that's the mentality that the dog has," he said.

When introducing a cat into a dog’s house, or the other way round, the reaction will depend on the cat and dog’s behaviour.

Mr Rawlinson explained that some breeds, such as terriers and spaniels, will be stimulated by the movement of a cat and will want to chase it. Cats, he said, will often move upstairs, so people should try not to let dogs upstairs at first.