Newfoundland shows fondness of roof thatching

Friday, 27th April 2012

A Newfoundland from Norfolk has proven he has no fear of heights by spending his days on the top of roofs with his thatcher owner.

Axel the dog has learned how to climb a ladder so he can join his owner, Richard Haughton, at work.

The dog, who is now five, first started this unusual practice when he was just seven weeks old.

Mr Haughton said: "He just sits or lays down and keeps an eye on us. Sometimes he also has a little wander around. He would much rather be there than sitting in the back of the van.

"He certainly is not frightened in the slightest about heights. It doesn't worry him at all."

While Axel has no trouble getting up on the roof, he is not quite as good at getting down. His owner said that the seven-and-a-half stone dog will jump on his shoulders and he will carry him down for lunch or when they are done for the day.