Napoleon Bone-aparte: Dogs dress up in honour of French emperor's birthday

Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Owners of small dog breeds will no doubt be aware that what their pets lack in size they often make up for in personality, with many overcoming their short stature by regularly trying to boss around bigger dogs in the park.

It is perhaps fitting then that an art agency in the US has launched a new campaign called 'Dogs with a Napoleon Complex', celebrating pets whose sense of self-worth far exceeds their physical size.

Under the direction of Minnesota-based artist Phil Jones, the Carmichael Lynch agency has created a series of photographs of small dogs such as pugs, Pomeranians, miniature poodles and King Charles spaniels decked out Napoleonic attire, including the military and political leader's trademark bicorne hat.

The photographs have been taken to celebrate Napoleon's birthday on August 15th, and while the dogs featured may not have the same military or political clout as the great man himself, many do rule over their household with an iron paw.