Most dogs only fight at home if owners are there

Wednesday, 4th April 2012

Dogs are aware that their owners are in charge of resources, such as pet food, toys and walks.

This means that a dog will only fight at home with other animals if the owner is present, as fighting usually occur because of 'resource issues'.

That is according to Stan Rawlinson, behaviourist and obedience trainer at

He said: "That's where I see most of the problems. When dogs start fighting each other in the same household, it's normally over resources and the resources are human - it's attention, it's food and various other things.

"Most dogs only ever fight in the home if the owner is there."

Mr Rawlinson added that he does not believe you can train a dog by being the ‘alpha’ of the pack, because humans are not dogs and dogs do not see humans as fellow dogs.

During his 35 year career, Mr Rawlinson has acted as a behavioural expert for Disney, Sky, BBC, ITV, and LBC.