More dogs being abandoned because of recession, Plymouth warden says

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

More people are abandoning their dogs because of the recession as they cannot afford to keep them anymore, a dog warden from Plymouth has said.

As a result of this problem, Malcolm Orchard, a South Hams district council warden, is launching a campaign to encourage people to microchip their dogs, reports

Mr Orchard explained that many people get a pet dog without realising what being a good owner actually involves.

He told the news provider: "They don't look at it too deeply - the level of exercise, how much time has to be spent training a young puppy and the level of knowledge you need to ensure that the animal is looked after.

"Dogs are expensive to keep. Some cost up to £30 a week to feed plus quite high veterinary costs."

Caroline Kisko, secretary of the Kennel Club, recently said that it is important to research dog breeds before getting a new pet.

She warned that it is important to choose a dog that will suit your lifestyle, so you can meet their grooming and exercise needs.