Manchester Terriers put in spotlight at new art exhibition

Monday, 30th January 2012

The British Manchester Terrier Club will celebrate its 75th anniversary this year and as a result, the Kennel Club is putting on a special art exhibition about the breed.

A Terrier's Tale, the Manchester Terrier Throughout History will open at the Kennel Club Art Gallery in London on February 6th.

The Manchester Terrier is one of Britain’s vulnerable native dog breeds, with just 152 puppies registered with the Kennel Club last year.

One famous friend of the breed was Agatha Christie. Ciara Farrell, Library and Collections Manager at the Kennel Club, said: "Agatha Christie was a huge fan of the Manchester Terrier, owning two herself, and in her book'Postern of Fate she wrote about a Manchester Terrier based on the characteristics of her own dogs. The exhibition will be a must see for any dog lover, art lover or history enthusiast."

The exhibition will feature some of Christie’s personal artefacts and a number of paintings of the dogs.

Manchester Terriers were bred in the 19th century for rat catching. They were employed as the Royal rat catcher and was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria.