Lhasa Apso saves elderly owner after fall

Monday, 24th September 2012

A seven-year-old Lhasa Apso came to the rescue of his elderly owner after falling in some woods while walking on holiday.

Derek Ramsden, 81, fell in the Brynowen Holiday Park in Aberystwyth when he lost his footing and fell into thick mud, reports the Halifax Courier.

However, his seven-year-old dog Toby quickly went to get help from a security office.

Park maintenance manager Ben Thompson was alerted by Toby. He told the news provider: "The dog knew what it was doing. It ran past apartments through bushes and alerted security.

"The dog was leading the way and without the dog we would not have known he was there. That dog certainly has something about it."

Once they arrived at the scene, the rescue team was able to pull Mr Ramsden to safety.

Both Mr and Mrs Ramsden said their dog is a hero and he will be treated to another holiday in a caravan park in the near future.