Labrador weighing same as Wayne Rooney loses 30kg

Thursday, 6th September 2012

A Labrador that weighed the same as footballer Wayne Rooney has lost 30kg after being put on a special dog food diet.

Alfie was brought into the RSPCA after his elderly owner kept forgetting that he had already fed his pet, meaning his weight had skyrocketed to 80kg.

At the time, the dog could hardly walk and only managed a few steps at a time. He could not even lift his legs a few inches to get into a raised bed.

Normal Labradors weight around 30kg, so Alfie was put on a calorie controlled diet with no treats.

Christine Dooley, manager of the RSPCA's Laybourne Animal Centre, said: "When he first came in he couldn't go on walks because of his size but each day as the weight is coming off he is able to take a few steps further.

"He's such a lovely dog and his tail never stops wagging everyone here has fallen in love with him."

Once Alfie has reached a manageable weight, he will be looking for a new home where his owners will be able to keep him on a healthy diet and gentle exercise regime.

The RSPCA noted that if a dog is a healthy weight, you should be able to see and feel the outline of their ribs, with clearly visible waist from above.