Justin Bieber urges people to adopt pets

Monday, 4th April 2011

An increasing number of people may buy dog food for a pooch they have adopted from a rescue centre after teen sensation Justin Bieber backed a campaign to get fans to adopt pets rather than buying them.

Bieber is urging people to visit rescue centres before becoming a pet owner by getting on board with a new campaign by People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The Canadian singer revealed that when he was younger, he used to spend time with his dad at animal shelters visiting different animals.

He told Animal Times magazine about one dog in particular named Sam.

The news provider quotes him as saying: "We moved to a city where I didn't really know anybody, so ... I wanted a friend around and Sam was ... that friend.

"It's really important that people adopt. I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog who has been abandoned or doesn't have a home."

PETA was established in March 1980 by animal rights activist Alex Pacheco.