Jack Russell given emergency surgery after eating fish hook

Wednesday, 26th September 2012

A Jack Russell may want to stick to ordinary dog food after having to have an emergency operation.

Reggie, the six-year-old dog, gobbled down some fishing bait but accidentally swallowed a fish hook with it.

His owner noticed the fishing line hanging out of his mouth and he was rushed to the Blue Cross Merton animal hospital where an X-ray showed the fish hook in his stomach.

Emmeline Macedo, deputy nurse manager at the charity, said: "He recovered well but he was sent to our Victoria animal hospital for observation and pain relief overnight. He was able to go home to his owners the next day as he was bright and eating well.

"His owner was very grateful and happy that we were able to help Reggie."

Just a week later, Reggie returned to the hospital to check his wound and had returned back to his happy self.

Symptoms that a pet has eaten something it shouldn't have include vomiting, restlessness and a loss of appetite.