Greedy Rottweiler treated after eating spoon

Tuesday, 3rd July 2012

Pets should only be fed dog food from their bowls, a vet said after a greedy Rottweiler ate a spoon.

Annette Robertshaw had to rush her dog to the local PDSA pet hospital in Yorkshire after her brother tried to feed Max some strawberries and cream.

Rather than just eating the sweet treat, Max gobbled down the spoon as well. He did not suffer from any symptoms at first but had to have emergency surgery to remove the utensil.

Daniel Cook, veterinary surgeon for the charity, said: "I have never seen a dog that's eaten a teaspoon before although we do see lots of odd things that dogs have eaten, such as socks and children's toys."

As well as feeding dogs from their food bowls, Dr Cook also suggested owners do not feed their pets unusual foods, as they can cause upset stomachs. Chocolate, for example, is poisonous to dogs.

Ms Robertshaw said Max is not fed anything on a spoon anymore and that he does not seem to like strawberries anymore.