Golden Retriever has lucky escape after eating two fishhooks

Friday, 25th November 2011

A Golden Retriever is having to forego dog food for a while after eating two fishhooks on a walk around Mount Batten in Plymouth.

Treasure needed a major operation after swallowing the fishhooks and now must eat bland foods such as fish and rice, reports

Owner Amanda Shelmerdine is now warning other owners about the dangers of fishhooks and calling for fishermen to ensure they have taken all their equipment home with them.

She said: "I stopped to say goodbye to another dog owner and then I noticed a line coming out of Treasure's mouth. I met with resistance on the line so didn't pull.

"You only have to lose sight of them for half a second and they will pick up something."

When out walking a dog, it is also advisable that owners throw dog toys instead of sticks, an RSPCA spokesperson recently said.

Their comments follow a near fatal accident where an American Bulldog got impaled on a stick.