Family saved from fire by Newfoundland

Friday, 31st August 2012

A Newfoundland saved the lives of a family of five, another dog and a cockatiel after alerting them to a blaze that was engulfing their home.

Dreamie, the eight-year-old dog, woke her owner Allan Potts at 3.30am by barking. He went to see what she was doing to find the living room on fire, reports

Mr Potts told the news provider: "Although we lost everything, we were so lucky to get out alive thanks to Dreamie.

"Dreamie was outside so I went round the back to get the other dog from the kitchen. Then the children started to get upset about the cockatiel, so I got her out just before the windows smashed out."

He said the firefighters do not know what started the fire and that the family is now waiting for the insurance company to find them somewhere pet-friendly, as they are unwilling to put their life-saving dog in kennels.

Newfoundlands are well known for their size, strength, loyalty and calm nature. They are often used as lifesaving dogs because of their great size.