Dogs should have a 'varied diet'

Thursday, 6th January 2011

Dog owners should feed their pet a varied diet to ensure they stay healthy, according to an expert.

Jody Kincaid, a vet at the Anthony Animal Clinic in the US, expressed her belief that dogs are supposed to eat a variety of foods in order to maintain their digestive system.

"Dogs are hunters and roamers and not designed to live on the same food every day," she told USA Today.

"When you give them the same dog food all the time, their body gets really accustomed to that, and their digestive system loses its ability to take on new foods without too much trauma."

Ms Kincaid added that the majority of dog foods contain a high proportion of corn which is not ideal for pets in high quantities as it is difficult for them to digest gluten.

She recommends using gluten-free foods in addition to traditional dog food to keep pets healthy.